I can’t believe it… My babies are 8 weeks old today! They’re still the size of newborns, though.

They’re still working on smiling. They will smile at the fan or at the windows. They seem to love the sunlight!



So that’s adorable! This weekend they’re going to be two months old. They have their two month well baby visit Friday the 18th so we will see how they’ve progressed! I know they’ve gained weight; the question is how much!

We are still getting into the swing of things with me being back at work and Cliff being at home with them in the mornings. I’m going to have to work really hard on fixing my pumping schedule so I can keep the babies exclusively on breast milk. If not, they’ll have to have formula while I’m gone which isn’t what I want, but if the majority of their diet is breast milk then I can deal. I guess.

I am also working on tandem wearing the babies. It’s going well!


This will make getting around with them when I’m alone much easier than toting around a giant stroller. I am pretty obsessed with finding the world’s most perfect woven wrap. The one I have is great and utilitarian and pretty but I have been introduced the the world of wraps and there are thousands of pretties for me to choose from.

Dad left today and we miss him already! The babies changed a lot while he was here and I know he is going to miss them.




Here are pics from today:


CJ3 has discovered kicking so we put him in this bouncer. He loves it! Poppy is indifferent; she still prefers the swing so she can hear the white noise and watch the mobile.

This week I also caught Papa sleeping like the babies do. :) Genetics, man.


Can’t wait to see what next week brings!


I’m late on the 8-week post! But I had to post this before I forgot. :)

My dad has been here visiting for a week now. I think he likes the babies medium okay–about as much as my mom likes them. I also started back to work halftime this week. I miss them SO much when I’m there, but there isn’t much sweeter than coming home, scooping them up, and giving them lots of kisses. We have been able to get out a little more than when Mom was here. I was so, so sore and slow to get around and it was an amazing help to have Mom here with me. She kept me sane! Now that CJ and I have the hang of things, we get to enjoy them more instead of just scrambling to keep them alive. ;)

On my first day of work, CJ found out he had a training day starting at 07:00 which is when I needed to be at work. That meant Dad was left with the kids for four hours by himself… He did great with them but was just a little frazzled when I walked in the door. He definitely took a three-hour nap after I got home.

This week, the babies are learning to look around and discover the world around them. CJ3 is pretty much obsessed with the ceiling fans and staring at the windows in the house. Poppy doesn’t care much for the fans, but she does like to look at the ceiling where the A/C vents are and she also stares at the windows when light is coming through the blinds. They both have bouts with gas which the ped is certain they’ll grow out of. They’re both eating and sleeping great and I’m anxious to see how much they’ve gained next Friday when we go back to the doctor.


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