I’m late on the 8-week post! But I had to post this before I forgot. :)

My dad has been here visiting for a week now. I think he likes the babies medium okay–about as much as my mom likes them. I also started back to work halftime this week. I miss them SO much when I’m there, but there isn’t much sweeter than coming home, scooping them up, and giving them lots of kisses. We have been able to get out a little more than when Mom was here. I was so, so sore and slow to get around and it was an amazing help to have Mom here with me. She kept me sane! Now that CJ and I have the hang of things, we get to enjoy them more instead of just scrambling to keep them alive. ;)

On my first day of work, CJ found out he had a training day starting at 07:00 which is when I needed to be at work. That meant Dad was left with the kids for four hours by himself… He did great with them but was just a little frazzled when I walked in the door. He definitely took a three-hour nap after I got home.

This week, the babies are learning to look around and discover the world around them. CJ3 is pretty much obsessed with the ceiling fans and staring at the windows in the house. Poppy doesn’t care much for the fans, but she does like to look at the ceiling where the A/C vents are and she also stares at the windows when light is coming through the blinds. They both have bouts with gas which the ped is certain they’ll grow out of. They’re both eating and sleeping great and I’m anxious to see how much they’ve gained next Friday when we go back to the doctor.

These babies are ridiculously adorable. They’re awake for more time each day but they’re not really sure what to do with that time. CJ3 is happiest in the mornings. He will sit with me or CJ and coo and look around. We try to sneak in some tummy time then but he abhors it so it’s hard to ruin his cute, sweet mood like that. Poppy is not a morning person. She wakes up cranky every day. We can definitely blame that on her papa.

I finally got their newborn photos today and what luck–they are formatted incorrectly and I can’t open or upload them! Argh. Now to wait for the photographer to fix it so I can show off my super cute kiddos. While I was trying to make the disc work, I found the disc of my maternity photos and uploaded those. I’m going to upload all of my belly pics and make a small photo book to put in the Twins box.

Yesterday, I opened an email account for the babies. I read the idea somewhere that we should make them an email account and send them little snippets when they do something cute or hit a milestone. With all of the social media we have access to during our kids’ childhoods, we should find a way to consolidate the posts we make about them so they can have a unique view of this time. I thought this would be a good way (in addition to the Twins box and this blog, of course).






I’m feeling brave today so I’m going to attempt a trip solo with the twins to the BX to get gas drops for them. Seems they’ve inherited their papa’s gastrointestinal tract. Oh, and we are picking up Dad from the airport tonight. He is staying for two weeks and he’s ready to spoil the babies.


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